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Spectrum Internet, TV and Phone: Is it Reliable in 2021?

Almost all citizens of the USA know the popular name of Charter Communications that market their services under the name of Charter Spectrum – or simply Spectrum. Generally, it offers cable TV, internet, telephone, and other wireless services for both consumer and commercial markets.  

Introducing in 2014, the brand used to market its services under the name of Charter. However, after acquisitions of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, Charter gained immense popularity and assumed the name of “Charter Spectrum.”  

Spectrum is well known for its Internet, Cable TV, and phone services. It encompasses all aspects of telecommunications and tries to find the best solution for its consumers. Spectrum Internet is extraordinarily fast in quality and accessibility. It comprises different bundles that are particularly designed as per the user requirements.  

Its services are available in 44 states of the USA, and this makes it the widest spreading Internet and TV services provider.   

Spectrum Internet Services  

Spectrum offers uninterrupted and high-speed internet services. The speed goes for as high as 940 Mbps. However, to make the services budget-friendly, it also offers lesser speeds. Some of the Internet packages that might suffice your requirements are mentioned below: 

Spectrum Packages  Download Speeds  Price 
Spectrum Internet  100 Mbps  $49.99/month for 12 months 
Spectrum Internet Ultra   400 Mbps  $69.99/month for 12 months 
Spectrum Internet Gig  940 Mbps  $109.99/month for 12 months 


Spectrum Cable TV  

Spectrum TV is famous for offering more than 200 High-Definition channels that are available on all platforms. Moreover, Spectrum Cable TV is accessible on either of your devices – be it smart TV, Apple TV, Android, or iOS device. You can also choose to add some premium channels and pay per view channels as per your choice.  

The Spectrum Cable TV packages start from as low as $44.99 per month. Further details of packages are listed below:  


It offers more than 125 TV channels including ESPN, Discovery, CNN, HGTV, TLC, and many more at only $44.99 per month, that an introductory rate for the first 12 months.  


It offers more than 175 TV channels including HBOMax, SHOWTIME, NFL Network, all channels of Spectrum SELECT, and many more for only $74.99 per month, that an introductory rate for the first 12 months.  


It offers more than 175 TV channels including STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, The Movie Channel, all channels of Spectrum SELECT and SILVER bundles, and many more in only $94.99 per month, that an introductory rate for the first 12 months.  

Moreover, to entertain its Spanish customers, Spectrum is offering more than 80 channels that support Spanish languages. The details of Latino Plans are as follows:  

MI Plan Latino  

Price: Starts from as low as $34.99 per month as an introductory rate for 12 months.  

Number of Channels: 140+ channels  


MI Plan Latino Silver  

Price: Starts from as low as $64.99 per month as an introductory rate for 12 months.  

Number of Channels: 200+ channels  


MI Plan Latino Gold   

Price: Starts from as low as $84.99 per month as an introductory rate for 12 months.   

Number of Channels: 250+ channels  

Spectrum Home Phone  

There are no contracts for spectrum phone services. Thus, you can make unlimited calls all over the world at the minimum rates possible. Not only that, you can go into a triple play service that allows you to have both Spectrum internet, cable TV, and phone service.  

The spectrum unlimited home phone service with an unlimited data plan will cost you $45 per line for one month.  

Spectrum Business  

Owing to the fact that Spectrum is quite considerate about its consumers, it has designed specific plans to help small businesses. It provides a free trial period of thirty days, as well as free installation for all three services. Thus, it ensures that you don’t suffer from communication problems – in terms of quality and expenses.   

Since Spectrum caters to all consumer needs and requirements; therefore, it offers double play and single play services for all of its services. The details of these packages are as follows:  

Spectrum Double Play   

It includes both internet and cable TV services.  

Price: Starts with an introductory rate of $89.98 per month  

Features of Spectrum Double Play  

  • Contract-free service  
  • Fast download speed starting from 100 Mbps through 940 Mbps  
  • Includes thousands of on-demand titles and shows
  • Internet modem is included in the package
  • Includes a Spectrum Internet Security Suite  

Spectrum Triple Play  

Spectrum triple play offers internet, cable TV, and phone services.  

Price: Starts with an introductory rate of $124.97 per month  

Features of Spectrum Triple Play Services  

  • Contract-free services  
  • Offers speed up to 940 Mbps  
  • More than 175 HD TV channels  
  • Premium channels such as HBO and SHOWTIME 
  • Inclusion of Free Internet Modem 
  • Unlimited US Calling 
  • More than 28 calling features  
  • Includes a Spectrum Internet Security Suite  

Contract-Free Service  

The fact that Spectrum internet and TV does not work on a contractual basis makes it really accessible and customer friendly. You can rely on it – and can easily terminate the services whenever you wish to move out or change home or office.   

No Data Limits  

Spectrum Internet is undeniably the best internet in the USA so far. It is exemplary both in terms of speed and quality of the connection. Moreover, it has no data limits. It means you can use as much data as you want – or more precisely stream as many videos as you like, and play even the heavy games without the fear of running out of internet data.  

Spectrum Installation  

Spectrum installation, unlike the other service’s installation, is rather simpler and convenient. All you have to do is get yourself a “self-installation” kit from Spectrum and follow the instructions that are mentioned on it.  

Alternatively, if you are unable to follow through with it, you can simply ask for “professional-installation” and the spectrum’s representative will visit your place to make things ready for you.   

Spectrum Customer Support Services  

Spectrum’s customer support is available throughout the week and is there to help you whenever you need them. With the increasing number of users, the customer support department gets rather busy and is not unable to entertain you in the meantime. However, we ensure that they will connect you with one of the representatives as soon as any line gets free. The best time to call Spectrum customer support services is before the afternoon.  

The Verdict  

Spectrum is the best internet service provider in the USA – not only because of the quality but also, its availability in more than 44 states of America. It’s uninterrupted services and fast internet speed is another good reason why you should subscribe to Spectrum internet 

For further queries and assistance, you can call at +1-800-370-0251, and one of the spectrum representatives will assist you. 

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