AT&T and DirecTV – A Beneficial Choice for Internet, TV and Phone

AT&T and DirecTV – having its headquarters in Downtown Dallas, Texas, is one of the largest telecommunications companies. Moreover, it is well known to be the largest mobile and landline services providing company. After 2018, the company merged with WarnerMedia, which made it the 9th largest media and entertainment company.   

AT&T is a renowned company for providing all sorts of electronic services such as telephone, cable tv, and internet. It provides its services in more than 21 states in the USA – including all the significant and major states such as Florida, California, Texas, and others. 

AT&T and DirecTV  

Living in the USA must have provided you with a number of possibilities where you could get bundles and deals that combined both TV and Internet, or TV and phone, or all three services together. The merger is quite beneficial, and in essence, it’s AT&T, which owns DirecTV for the provision of premium HD TV channels.   

Advantage of AT&T and DirecTVs Merger  

To the customers, the combined efforts of AT&T and DirecTV are quite significant. In this way, they don’t have to buy the services from two different providers – instead, they can rely on one company solely – which will be responsible for providing TV, internet, and phone services.   

Moreover, the TV services are also available as a standalone option with DirecTV. Thus, you will not be forced to take either of the other two services.   

AT&T Packages and Prices  

As a company, AT&T is well known for its super-fast downloading speed of the internet. It is based on the wired network; therefore, they are available to regions that cannot support wireless networks. Moreover, it offers more than 65+ popular channels, including premium channels such as SHOWTIME, STARZ, and EPIX.  

The AT&T bundled packages are as follows:  

AT&T TV Choice + Internet  

Price: $89.99 per month  

The package includes 90+ popular channels and free but limited subscriptions to premium networks. Moreover, it has 45,000 on-demand shows, voice remote Google Assistant, 500 hours of Cloud DVR, and a lot more. AT&T TV and Internet packages offer internet speeds up to 100 Mbps.  

AT&T Internet + Phone  

Price: $67.99 per month  

It has fast internet speeds up to 100 Mbps that you can connect to on more than one device. Moreover, there is free internet security without any annual contract. As with the phone services, you will be given access to make unlimited and nationwide calls to Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Island, and the North Marianas.   

AT&T TV XTRA + Internet  

Price: $99.99 per month  

It offers more than 120 popular TV channels and free limited-time subscription to premium networks. In addition to this, there are 50,000 available shows and on-demand movies. It has all the features of voice supported Google Assistant, 500 hours of cloud DVR. Internet speed is as fast as up to 100 Mbps.   

Apart from the bundled deals, you can also come up with standalone Internet packages. The details of these packages are as follows. 

Internet plan  Download speed  Introductory price 
Internet 10  Up to 10Mbps  $45 per month 
Internet 18  Up to 18Mbps  $45 per month 
Internet 25  Up to 25Mbps  $45 per month 
Internet 50  Up to 50Mbps  $45 per month 
Internet 75  Up to 75Mbps  $45 per month 
Internet 100  Up to 100Mbps  $35 per month 


AT&T TV Only Packages 

Choosing the right TV package can be quite challenging. However, when you have all the details in front of you, you might choose the right package wisely. The details of AT&T TV packages are as follows:  


Starting Price: $59.99 per month for the introductory 12 months  

It comes with almost 40,000 on-demand shows and the entertainment favorites like ESPN and HGTV. In the sports category, ESPN and HGTV are significant channels.  

CHOICE Packages  

Starting Price: $64.99 per month for the introductory 12 months  

It has more than 45000 on-demand titles covering entertainment, lifestyle, and sports. In sports networks, the important channels are ACCN, BTN, ESPN, and FS1.   

XTRA Packages  

Starting Price: $74.99 per month for the introductory 12 months  

AT&T XTRA package comes with around 50,000 on-demand titles covering entertainment, lifestyle, sports, and movies. Networks like Nat Geo Wild, NBC Golf, FXM, and CBS are available. Moreover, in the sports category, ACCN, BTN, ESPN, FS1, Golf, and others are available.  

ULTIMATE Packages  

Starting Price: $79.99 per month for the introductory 12 months  

The ULTIMATE package includes 55,000 on-demand titles from entertainment, lifestyle, sports, and movie categories. Other important sports channels such as ACCN, BTN, ESPN, FS1, Golf, CBS Sports, and others are available.  


Starting Price: $64.99 per month for the introductory 12 months  

The packages include 30,000 on-demand shows – both in English and Spanish. In the category of sports, ESPN Deportes, FS1, GOL TV, and other channels are available.   

AT&T Fiber Internet Offers  

Almost all of the internet users have by now understood the need for the fiber optic internet system. Although the cable internet works well, sometimes these networks are not suitable enough to cater to the ever-increasing internet requirements.   

Fiber-optic internet networks are as follows: 

Service  Download speed  Price 
INTERNET 100  Up to 128Mbps  $35 per month 
INTERNET 300  Up to 387Mbps  $45 per month 
INTERNET 1000  Up to 940Mbps  $60 per month 


DirecTV Packages  

DirecTV offers better entertainment opportunities that have starting prices of $64.99 per month for the introductory 12 months. The details of the plans and packages are as follows:  


Price: $64.99 per month  

It offers more than 160 TV channels and over 40K On-demand titles.  


Price: $69.99 per month  

The package includes 185+ TV channels and more than 45K on-demand titles.  


Price: $84.99 per month  

It includes more than 250 TV channels and 55K on-demand tv shows.  


Price: $139.99 per month  

The DIRECTV premier includes more than 330 TV channels and over 65K on-demand tv shows and titles.   

The Verdict  

There is no denying the fact that AT&T is one of the most well-known companies in the USA. They provide both internet and TV services. Apart from this, it has phone services as well. As for the service quality, and the customer support services, both are remarkable and exceptional. The voice quality is amazing.   

As for the internet, you won’t face any distortion or disconnection during your browsing. Hence, you can totally rely on it. For further assistance, visit the website or call at +1-800-370-0251 so that the AT&T representative can give you the information.   

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